Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, page 11 (last page!)

This is the bedroom side of the house. We have gardens running all along the side to the back of the garage.

In the corner under where our master bedroom deck will go someday we have a large strawberry patch. THe berries are great, just ask the chipmonks who eat them all. :-(

This is the same area as above but shot from the other side. The bushy plants alongside the garage are white and pink and red peonies. They are just supposed to be white and red but one of the "red" ones we got from Michigan Bulb turned out to be pink instead; just one of many reasons I will never order from that awful place again.

We plan on eventually having a garden along both sides of the fence here too to make it easier to mow and trim.

This is where I was standing when I took the previous shot. Over the top of the ridge on the downward slope is a large grassy area which is our drainfield. Just around the corner on the right is where our compost bins are located.
This shot is just to the right of the above and is the same one of our magnolia bushes as on page 5.

For now this is the end of the tour. I hope you enjoyed seeing our yard and garden and maybe learned a thing or two! If you have any suggestions or comments about this site or our yard and garden please email me (Bill at Thanks!