Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, page 5

These are just some shots of the landscaping around the front of the garage.

The stakes are ones to help drivers who have difficulty backing up avoid running over the low voltage lights along the driveway. I put them in after some problems with delivery vehicles and visitors the first year we lived here.

This is a collection of potted plants that we have where the sidewalk splits off from the driveway. The types vary from year-to-year but this year I used different varieties of geraniums.

Unfortunately we had a spate of dry weather while we were away for a while and they didn't look so good for this shot.

This was our first big landscaping project the year after we moved in. There was a steep embankment on this side of the driveway that we cut down, rounded off, and covered with landscaping fabric and shredded cedar bark.

There are 3 juniper bushes near the bottom with 2 dwarf pine bushes higher up and day lilies on either side. Behind the pine bushes is a raspberry thicket that is on the verge of getting out of hand.

The bit of rock along the edge is to give the driveway somewhere to drain into.

This is the same area as above shot from the other side. We have white magnolia bushes on either side of that little path. The path is to give the propane delivery people a way to get to the tank without tromping through any garden areas.

Unfortunately the deer ravaged all these plants (even the juniper) over the winter. Hopefully the electrified fence will discourage them in the future.

Just a shot looking out from our garage back down the driveway.