Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, flowers page 1

These are some of the flowers in our gardens. I'll eventually have links here from the pictures of where they are and vice-versa.

A lot of our flowers only bloom certain times of year so I will expand this over time.

P.S. If I get the names of any of these flowers wrong, sorry! Please send corrections...
These are the purple coneflowers growing next to our address sign near the cul-de-sac. They are about 3 feet tall.
These are Cleome though I've also heard them called "spider plants". They grow quite tall and bloom from July to frost. The blossums keep growing higher and higher leaving those cool trailers behind as the lower blossums die back.
These are painted ferns and grow beneath our kitchen windows on the east side of the house near the crab apple tree. We have four different varieties of ferns near the front of the house. There are several native varieties growing in the woods and we are trying to keep them separated.
This is a small golden colored hosta we planted along the path through the woods. We have at least a dozen different varieties of hosta. We plan on putting in lots more in the woods. The lighter colored ones look especially sharp in the woods because they stand out from the other foliage.

Note: a pure Hosta page is in the works.

These are the impatiens growing along the sidewalk near our front door. We usually put in 3 different colors and this year we did white, pink, and a deep red.

Impatiens are one of the few annuals that bloom all year and that the rabbits don't eat. Deer do eat them and used to nibble even the ones on our front steps until we put in the electric fence.

This is lambs ear. The flowers were just finished when I took this but they grow on the upright stalks and are very tiny purple flowers.

Warning! This stuff spreads like crazy. We started with just a few sprigs and now have several square yards of it in several spots around the house!

I love margigolds and, unfortunately, so do the bunnies. They ate most of it this year but a few of the pretty cream colored ones survived.
We have several colors of hardy mums around the patio area in our back yard. they seem to be tricky to get growing but do fine if they survive the first year or two.
This is Vinca and is another nice annual that blooms a long time and that the bunnies don't eat. This (2000) is the first year I tried it; next year I will put in a lot more.
We started with just two hardy phlox at our old house, one white and one red. After a few years of encouraging volunteers we had everything from light pink through various shades of purples and reds. We transplanted a bunch of t to our new house but only a few of the varieties made it.

These are often hit with a fungal disease late in the summer but despite the hot humid summer of 2000 they were still doing fine in September.