Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, page 9

Here's our backyard. We built a patio on top of the terracing and have gardens all around it and on and below the terraces. We also have an "acidic" garden in the center of the backyard with azaleas and blueberries.

This picture was shot from the entrance to the kids' play area.

This is the back of our house. You can see where our deck will be built someday. Every year something comes along to push back its start another year or more...

The patio doors open into our family room which takes up that whole corner of that level of the house.

This picture was shot from the east entrance of our woodsy path.

This is a closeup (sort of) of the terrace garden. On the lower level we have lilies along the back with some iris, mums, and annuals planted in front. Along the house are some siberian iris and some daylilies which fight with each other over who is going to take over.

On the upper level is mostly iris and mums with a few volunteer annuals that I thin out and just let grow. They bloom later than other annuals of the same sorts but I like that.

Here's the other terraced part of our garden. There are lots of spring bulbs in both the upper and lower parts of this area with iris, daylilies, lilies, and phlox providing later color.

That big bright clump in the corner near the patio is lambs ear. It has big silvery leaves and gets little purple flowers. We usually cut the flowers off because they aren't very attractive but I noticed the hummingbirds love them. Careful with this stuff, though, it spreads like crazy.

Just slightly to the right of the abve so you can see the back yard better. The weird lighting is because this was taken late in the day.