Seurer Yard/Garden Tour, page 3

Most of the trees are oaks, elms, or poplars. There are a few cedars, cherries, and buckthorns as well. The buckthorns are a non-native, invasive species and we plan on removing most if not all of them.

This shot is standing at the end of our driveway looking at the house about 300 feet (100 meters) away. The driveway looks like it is in bad shape but actually the center is just darker from lack of traffic.

This shot is looking to the left of the above shot. We have a row of lilac bushes along the egde of the woods on both sides of the driveway with landscape fabric covered in shredded tree bark about 3 feet on either side of them.

The bright spot in the left-center is the well shared by the 5 houses on the cul-de-sac. The lilacs go in front of it and there are white peonies and golden-yellow day lilies around it.

The clumps of green in the lawn are iris that will eventually be moved elsewhere.

This shot is to the right. Again you can see the lilac bushes along the woods. Our neighbors in the next lot liked our idea about that and extended the line across the front of their property too.

I plant some annuals around the address post for spring and summer color and the tall plant next to it is a perennial purple coneflower.

Around and above the culvert that runs under our driveway we put in more landscaping fabric and bark because mowing the grass there was such a pain. We planted several clumps of creeping sedum in the bark hoping they would spread but the deer keep nipping off big chunks of them.

Speaking of deer, they are a never ending problem. Note the fencing around the address post above. We put cages around the lilacs in the fall to protect them and used to do the same for other plants nearer the house but have a better solution now (more about that later).