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Java iconIntroduction

These Java applets and applications are ones that I use when running my RPG sessions or are otherwise related to games.

For RPGs, my eventual goal is to be able to run everything from my computer with minimal use of paper, books, and dice.

I've also put a few non-Java programs here.


The Applets, Applications, and Programs

Plugin enabled version Non-plugin version Date Type Version Description Source
Java Makechar demo no plugin 11/09/2000 Applet 1.9 GURPS character creation program. This is just a demonstration of the interface that will be used for the full program. Try it out!
GURPS GM aid n/a 08/21/2001 Application 3.08 Does all kinds of stuff useful to a GURPS GM while running a game gurpstools-source.jar
Dice roller no plugin 10/31/2000 Applet 3.07 Rolls dice gurpstools-source.jar
Battle simulator no plugin 01/18/2001 Applet 0.03 Battle simulator for the Wizard Kings board game.
n/a MakeChar 03/13/2006 DOS program 6.66i Complete GURPS character creation program n/a
n/a DR.EXE 11/16/2000 DOS program 1.00 Simple dice roller for DOS or Windows command line DR.MOD

Applets? Applications?? What are they???

An applet can be run from a web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer.

An application is a stand-alone program.

Notes on Browsers and Operating Systems

I test on the following operating systems (because that's what I have available):

and the following browsers:

If you try one on another OS or browser please let me know if it works OK and anything special you had to do.

Windows and Solaris

When you get to the applet's web page it should give you the chance to download the Java plugin for either Netscape or Internet Explorer. Just follow the instructions.

Running applets on Mac OS

Thank you David Darrow for providing this info.


MacOS Runtime for Java 2.1.4 (MRJ) is compatible with Swing, but it doesn't *include* it. I went to Sun's site and downloaded the Swing Installer for mac.

After downloading, I ran the installer and choose "runtime" option. This installs it in a folder, where I found the swingall.jar file. I then copied that to my MRJ classes folder: System Folder\Extensions\MRJ Libraries\MRJClasses\

Everything runs fine in IE 4.5 and the Apple Applet Runner. I don't know enough about Netscape's java implementation, so I would suggest any mac users who don't have IE, use the Applet Runner. I like the Applet Runner anyway, since it lets me run applets without a browser.


Some later info from David (2/23/00)


  1. I now am using MacOS 9 and MRJ 2.2 and everything works fine.
  2. You might want to mention that its the non-plugin version that works on MacOS
  3. Once you install swing and copy the swingall.jar file into its correct place, the rest of the swing installation can be trashed.


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