Summer Solstice

This is the description of an event that Bill will be running at GenCon 2001.

General Information

The trade negotiations at the ducal palace went extremely well and your thoughts turn to the coming solstice celebration when you return home. But your homecoming is not at all what you hoped it would be.


The negotiations for selling the next year's harvest of Golden Willow sap went extremely well for you this year. Esther was able to get nearly a 10% increase in the sale price!

As the seven of you ride home in Mark's wagon your thoughts turn fondly toward the coming celebration of the summer solstice, three days of feasting, singing, and dancing culminating with the ceremony on noon of the solstice itself.

But then...


Historical Background

Note! Don't worry about the names here too much.

The twelve kingdoms of the Anvers River valley had successfully fought back the incursions of the barbarian hordes of the great steppes north of the Black Mountains for centuries until the Great Betrayal five decades ago. Lord Markam of Gheldar had a long running dispute with Lord Matthias of Wimblas and when they marched together to face a barbarian incursion Markam betrayed Matthias and nearly the entire Wimblan army was destroyed.

Thus began the 50 years of the Great Betrayal. Over the course of the next decade Markam and his new allies crushed Anish, Entia, and Bok before finally being stopped. Markam was slain in single combat by Lord Jaeson of Oromir at the Battle of Nighon Ford in Acks and for a time things went well again for the twelve (now seven) kingdoms. Acks was retaken and its Lord restored and the battles for Entia were going well.

Markam's youngest son Malfoy had been exiled by his father for practicing dark magics. When his father died Malfoy returned, slew his siblings, and took control of Gheldar and its conquered lands. He instituted horrible practices of worship of the dark powers and infused by the dark powers he defeated the allied kingdoms armies and turned the course of the war once again his way. It is said he even had wrested control of the barbarians from their shamans.

As of today a stalemate of sorts has been reached. Gheldar, Wimblas, Anish, and Entia are firmly in the hands of Malfoy and decades of battles back and forth has left most of Bok a burned wasteland.

Your Home

Your village, Golden Willow, is in the uplands area of Oromir, far away from the wars to the north. It is a peaceful, almost idyllic area where the worst one has to worry about is the odd goblin raider making off with a chicken.

Besides farming the major occupation of the area is the cultivation of Golden Willows. The sap of the Golden Willow is highly prized by alchemists and is used for all sorts of elixirs. The willows grow all over the uplands area of Oromir but are especially prevalent around your village.

The Magic System

The magic system is based on the normal GURPS magic system but interprets Magery differently. The Circle of Powers document describes it in full.


Maps of the Twelve Kingdoms, Southern Oromir, and the Ducal Palace where the negotiations will take place are all available for your perusal. The 12 Kingdoms Southern Oromir Ducal Palace

Character details


Drall is a farmer. Drall is not native to the village but came here with his wife about 20 years ago. It is obvious he once was a warrior but he won't speak about his military career, even with his best friends. He has three children.

Drall's skills: farming, combat/weapons, leadership, tactics, etc.

ST: 12, DX: 14, IQ: 11, HT: 14

Combat Reflexes, Toughness, High Pain Threshold


Hope is Drall's daughter and her mother is training her in the mystical arts to someday be her replacement as village healer. She is trained in the healing, plant, food, and mind magics as well as similar physical skills. She met Allan several years ago and they are sweethearts; they plan to wed one day. She has a younger sister and an infant brother who she dearly loves.

Hope's skills: healing, people

ST: 11, DX: 13, IQ: 12, HT: 13

Magery 2, Empathy


Ferd almost lost his hand (and his life) in a smithing accident several years ago. The healer saved his hand though it never completely healed. Ferd is tremendously strong, even for a smith. He learned his craft during his five year service in the King's army in the east. He has an excellent reputation and people come from nearby villages to have some of their more tricky smithing work done by him. He and Drall are close friends.

Skills: making stuff, strength, some combat

ST: 19, DX; 10, IQ: 11, HT: 11

Combat Reflexes

One Hand


Ever since the accident that crippled his father Doug has had to do almost all the smithing work in the village. His father was an active man and his inability to do much work chafes at him and drives him to hover over Doug as he works. Doug hates and resents this. For his age Doug is quite large and strong and looks to take after his father someday.

Skills: making stuff, some combat

ST: 15, DX: 12, IQ: 12, HT: 13

Magic Resistance


Esther's father is the headman of the village and a well-to-do merchant. She is an only child. He had her trained by the best scholars he could afford to someday take his place and further the family fortunes. She also is an adept and has received some magical training. Her best friend (from infancy) is Hope and there are no secrets between them.

Skills: social, some magic

ST: 10, DX; 12, IQ: 15, HT: 12

Magery, Charisma


Several years ago Allan was assigned to patrol the lands hereabout. This was both an honor for one so young and an insult because this is the backwaterest backwater of the kingdom. It has worked out for the best because he met Hope and fell in love with her. Hope's father is a puzzle to him; he never talks about his background even though he was obviously in the military. Something about him bothers Allan too. Allan has a nose for sniffing out trouble before things get too bad. Other than an occasional goblin raid (easily beaten off with little or no loss) there hasn't been much to do. As a "dashing" outsider and in the king's service none-the-less he has become a hero for the local lads.

Skills: outdoors, some social, combat/weapon

ST: 11, DX: 14, IQ: 12, HT: 13

Alertness, Danger Sense, Handsome


Note: Mark is an NPC.

Mark is the son of the well-to-do miller of Golden Willow. His father and Esther's father do not get along and frequently get into fights over matters dealing with the harvest of the willow sap. Mark's father thinks that more sap can be harvested but Esther's father argues that will harm the trees. Mark has tried to stay clear of these arguments but the bad feelings have rubbed off on him and he has not had much to do with Hope, Esther, Allan, and Ferd for several months now.

Skills: milling, animals, some social

ST: 13, DX: 11, IQ: 11, HT: 12

Strong Will

What About Bringing My Own Character?

For game and scenario balance Bill will provide all the characters.