The Pentacle

This is the description of an event that Bill will be running at GenCon 2001.

General Information

For hundreds of years the Pentacle has trapped the Dominator in an impenetrable prison of magic. But now it is failing. Can it be repaired in time to save the world? You have been sent by the mages of Wimblas after a scrying revealed the immanent failing of the Pentacle.


From Hanscome, Potentate of Earth

From Slocum, Potentate of Water

From Kallen, Potentate of Fire

From The Haas, Potentate of Air

Historical Background

Note: The following information has been pieced together from bits and pieces scattered in many sources. As no one has visited the Pentacle in many years this information may not be current or correct.

The Pentacle

The Pentacle is perhaps the greatest magical device ever created on Ytarria. It certainly is the largest covering hundreds of square miles.

It's Purpose

The Dominator and his lieutenants were among the most powerful mages of their day. Able to cast massive spells for little or no fatigue cost from within the very high mana in their tower of sorcery, they were able to hold off an enormous army for many years while maintaining control over hundreds of people and other creatures scattered across Ytarria.

After years of fruitless siege in which thousands died uselessly, it was finally decided to simply permanently seal the Dominator in his tower preventing both physical and mystical contact either into or out of the tower.

Some nearby areas of high mana were harnessed to raise a nearly impenetrable shield around the tower. It is a combination of Utter Dome, Pentagram, Spell Shield, Teleport Shield, and Scry Wall <and others?>. All the spells are maintained at high levels.

No magic (spells, items, potions, were-abilities, etc.) will work within 3 <?> miles of the tower. This is the effect of the Pentacle's draining all the available mana for its own use. Powerstones will also discharge slowly in this area.

History since the War

After its completion in 1703, the War of Domination effectively ended. The Dominator's tower was completely cut off from the outside world and his magical control of people and creatures scattered across the continent was ended.

The armies of Megalos and Zarak withdrew though an "Eternal Guard" of some 500 warriors and 3 dozens mages was left to prevent outside interference. At first the elite troops of the armies served in the guard as it was feared that some ally or creature of the Dominator would try to free him. It was considered a great honor to serve there.

By 1832 only 200 warriors were left as the guard and the Dwarves had completely abandoned it. The last mage left the guard in 1849 and by 1874 only 30 warriors were left as the guard. In 1889 the last troops were withdrawn and the area retreated into the wilderness it had once been.

The Pinnacles

The pinnacles are upthrusts of black rock (granite? check!) each located at a place of great magical power at the apexes of a great pentacle (pentagram) around the Dominator's tower. They jut up 30 feet from the surrounding countryside. The rock is well worn and heavily aged - there are many foot and hand holds but a climbing is still difficult.

The top of each pinnacle is not flat but quite uneven and measures about 10 feet across. The center is a raised, flat area 3 feet across with a pentacle etched in its surface. In the very center of this pentacle is a circular depression with a 2 inch diameter hole in its bottom that extends down into the pinnacle. This is the source of the pinnacle's power.

At the base of each pinnacle about 3 feet off of the ground is a sculpted band that runs completely around it. The sculpting depicts various scenes appropriate to the pinnacle in addition there is a Word carved in 2 inch high letters. This Word was carved into the rock in the final ceremony that activated the pinnacles.


You have spent the past several months traveling to the location of the Pentacle in the remote wilderness of southwestern Malius. The journey has been long and difficult and not without its share of dangers. You are finally nearing your goal and are now following the "mighty river" Annalax which should lead you to the first of the Pinnacles, that of water.

The Magic System

The magic system is based on the normal GURPS magic system but interprets Magery differently. The Circle of Powers document describes it in full.



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What About Bringing My Own Character?

For game and scenario balance Bill will provide all the characters.