One Minute

This is the description of an event that Bill will be running at GenCon 1999. Note that playtesting before the convention may alter the details given below slightly.

General Information

In 60 seconds the world ends unless you can save it. You have to battle past the minions of the evil mage Foozle (tm) and stop him. Can you do it?

By Sunday most people at GenCon are getting a bit worn out mentally so come and kick some monster butt in a glorious GURPS dungeon crawl!


The High Council and their allies have battled the evil Foozle (tm) and his minions for nearly 100 years. Now as victory over him finally approaches the council has discovered that Foozle (tm) will destroy the world at noon today and it's five minutes to noon right now! You are a member of an elite squad of volunteers to be gated into Foozle's (tm) tower in a last-ditch (and probably suicidal) attempt to stop him.

Some notes:

Maps and Locations

The interior layout of Foozle's (tm) tower is unknown. It is believed to have four levels above ground and an unknown number below. The tower is square and over 100 feet on a side at the base tapering to about 90 feet on a side at the peak.

This is the probable layout of the ground floor based on interviews with captives:

Foozle's (tm) tower is in his Fortress of Doom where he has been holed up for some time. There are several thousand of his minions in the fortress so you may want to seal off the tower if you get a chance.

It is thought that Foozle (tm) probably has some traps and or deadfalls in the tower.

Foozle's (tm) minions include:


I will bring a pile of various combat oriented sorts built with the following restrictions.

What About Bringing My Own Character?

You can bring your own character to this event *IF* you OK it with me first, follow the rules below, and get me a copy before GenCon. Remember, this is a tactical combat event with a duration of exactly 60 game seconds.

  1. 200 points total
    1. *NO* points for *ANY* disadvantages or quirks (you can take any you want, though)
    2. No more than 125 points in attributes and no attributes above 15
    3. No more than 125 points in advantages
    4. No more than 75 points in TL3 skills and spells
      1. Unarmed combat is limited to Brawling
      2. No more than 16 points in any one skill
      3. No more than 30 spells
      4. Spells are limited to those in GURPS: Magic
  2. No cinematic, psionic, nor super-powered anything
  3. Humans only
  4. Any non-magical, TL 3 equipment of the usual European middle ages variety
    1. All weapons are Fine quality (+1 damage where appropriate)
    2. No gunpowder, fencing, or "weird" weapons (lassos, bolas, etc.)
    3. You may have 5 "points" worth of magical equipment as follows (ask about any others you in which you are interested):
      Cost Enchantments
      (if you want them)
      Staff spell (on one item), 5 doses of Chiron potion (heal 1d6 hits or restore 2d6 fatigue each dose)
      1 point 25% lighten (all armor), +1 puissance (one weapon), +1 accuracy (one weapon), +1 fortify (all armor), each 5 points worth of unflawed powerstones, any other potion (but remember the reduced effectiveness)
      2 points 50% lighten (all armor), +2 puissance or flaming or icy (one weapon), +2 accuracy (one weapon), +2 fortify (all armor), +1 deflect (all armor)
      3 points +2 deflect (all armor)
      For example, you could take 50% lighten (2 points) on all your armor, +2 puissance on your broadsword (2 points), and a 5 point power stone (1 point).

      20 arrows or bolts counts as 1 weapon for the above.

Some suggestions:


We'll be using the GURPS advanced combat rules and my battlemats and cardboard heroes. Some rules may be modified to make the game run faster. All decisions by Bill are final.

Foozle, 7, and the letter E are probably trademarks of someone-or-another. Just being cautious... :-)