Drachenward: A Very Bad Start

This is the description of an AD&D Birthright event that Bill will be running at GenCon 1999.

General Information

Weldon sat alone in his bedroom staring at the letter from Leoric on the desk before him. How could everything have gone so terribly wrong? Why would she not just leave him alone?

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at his door. "Enter!"

Willem, his assistant, entered the room. "Your Highness, your advisors await your decision. How will we answer the challenge from Leoric?"

"There is only one possible response. We must rescue Oluvar and then bring Leoric to justice."


Weldon became king of Drachenward through the auspices of several nobles unhappy with the deteriorating state of the country under the Soldaten. At his coronation the Hag poisoned the food and drink with "snake eggs". At the moment of his crowning the eggs hatched into small, venomous snakes which burst forth from those who had partaken of the contaminated food. Nearly all of the nobility including the Soldat and all of Weldon's supporters except Duke Oluvar were slain while Weldon and his close companions were spared.

To make matters worse, just as the horror of what had happened struck home the Hag projected an image of herself into the coronation hall and announced that she expected Weldon's aid in return for her disposing of all his rivals so that together they would rule all of northern Brechtur. This caused a riot and it took several days to restore order in the capital.

Several of the nobles most opposed to Weldon were absent at the coronation. Within days they announced their armed opposition to Weldon and their support for Leoric, the once exiled son of the now dead Soldat. Troops were raised on both sides and the country fell into civil war. Leoric issued several challenges to fight Weldon in personal combat but Weldon wisely turned them down; Leoric was exiled after he slew an opponent in personal combat under very dubious circumstances.

Several weeks ago fighting broke out in the capital itself and Duke Oluvar, the only remaining noble supporter of Weldon, disappeared in the fighting. The rebels were driven off but then a letter arrived from Leoric.


The standard map of Drachenward will be used.


Note that there may be some information in the character backgrounds not known to some or all of the other characters.

Weldon, King of Drachenward

Weldon's character sheet

Maxmillian, Royal Mage of Drachenward

Maxmillian's character sheet

Arturo Kassim

Arturo Kassim's character sheet


Froderick's character sheet


Noelon's character sheet


Sigfried's character sheet

What About Bringing My Own Character?

For game and scenario balance Bill will provide all the characters.